Hi, I'm PHOENiX!

Software Developer with a keen interest in Video Restoration


  • pywidevine

    Python implementation of Google's Widevine CDM architecture

  • Devine

    Open-Source Movie, TV, and Music Downloading Solution


    Machine-learning Super-Resolution & Restoration Image Processing in VapourSynth

  • NTON

    Nintendo Switch Homebrew NRO to NSP Forwarder

  • ChapSnap

    Resync Video Chapters by snapping them to Scene Changes

  • SubReDo

    Apply Cuts from a VideoReDo Project File to Subtitles

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PHOENiX TV on the United Kingdom Episode Guide


Re-developed 3 times in 30 days

A streaming web-app for FAST streams. A hub for watching public Live TV streams with an Episode Guide. Supports Recording as well as DRM-protected streams.

Stack: NextJS, Vercel

Homemediadb.org Title Page


Development stalled in 2020

A user-curated database of Home-media (DVDs, Blu-rays, and more). It's functionally similar to IMDb and it's design takes inspiration from TMDB.

Stack: NextJS, Vercel (SSG)

Mew Mew Power (English Opening)

Completed 21st of April 2023

Faithfully restored in Adobe Premiere Pro with all effects, transitions, and more re-made from scratch.

Workflow: VapourSynth, MPGG, QTGMC, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Sapphire AE (Archive)

Mickey's Christmas Carol

Completed 17th of December 2021

Artifact-free 1080p Upscale using a CEL-trained model of the PAL scan kept in the Original Aspect Ratio. Interactive Comparison against the Official Disney Blu-ray

Workflow: VapourSynth, MPGG, VSGAN, ESRGAN (Script)